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For any queries or problems caused by Jurrasic Fibre works, please contact Joesph Mooney - Community Engagement Ambassador - 07586 129262 or email: joseph.mooney@jurassic-fibre.com  


Community Governance Review and the SW&T Council proposal to abolish the Parish of Comeytrowe

At the Parish Council meeting on 4th July 2022, Comeytrowe Parish Council resolved the following response to the consultation:


The Parish Council are not convinced of the reasons given or the case being made for the proposal, although the Parish Council understands the strategic benefit to Taunton, the Parish Council remains to be convinced that there is a creditable benefit to the residents of Comeytrowe.

A decision will be made by SW&T Council in September.   Updates will be added to the Parish Council noticeboards, in this newsletter and on the Parish Council website:http://www.comeytrowe-pc.gov.uk/



Comeytrowe Parish Council Vacancies

The Parish Council has multiple vacancies to fill following the 2022 Elections.

·     Do you want to help make decisions about the Parish?

·     Do you want to help choose how funds are spent?

·     Do you have an interest in the Local Community?

The Community of Comeytrowe has an opportunity to help represent the Parish, and the presently highly significant impact of the future working relationship of all parishes with the newly formed Somerset Unitary Council, and Somerset West & Taunton District Council’s ideas of the future size of an expanded Taunton Town Council and its potential consequence particularly upon Comeytrowe Parish Council.  

Please contact the Clerk for more information:


or why not pop along to one of our meetings:

Next meeting Monday 5th December - full year meeting dates under meetings tab












Comeytrowe is a very pleasant area that is located within the County Town of Taunton, Somerset. Until the middle of the 20th Century, the area consisted of green fields but over a period of thirty years houses were built on these fields in order to accommodate the growing population. Read more...

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